What is Davis?

The ‘Davis® Methods of Learning’ is a successful, hands-on system, devised by the highly intelligent Dyslexic Ron Davis. Primarily, it is designed to meet the needs of those who suffer from the symptoms of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and AD(H)D. It is fundamentally different from the traditional educational practices normally encountered in schools. In particular, Davis® Dyslexia Correction is the only Dyslexic Program designed by a Dyslexic.

Why is it necessary?

Different people think in different ways, which means that, for some, traditional methods of teaching are ineffective. This does not imply that these ‘different thinkers’ are lacking in intelligence. Indeed, it is often the case that they are above average in creativity, problem solving and intuition etc. When failed by the conventional educational system, such thinkers are liable to suffer from low self-esteem, stress and mental health problems. Davis® rightly regards these abilities to think differently as ‘gifts’.

What are the principles?

An important part of the Davis® Methodology is learning how to focus when needed. This is known as 'Davis® Orientation Counselling'.

Another important element is  Davis® Symbol Mastery. It enables the client to intrinsically know and understand concepts and symbols, for all time, without having to resort to old solutions such as rote-learning.

In the case of picture (non-verbal) thinkers, those 'trigger' words, for which there are no pictures, are mastered by the extensive use of clay.

Clients are shown how to control their levels of energy and stress.

Drugs are never used in Davis.  

Clients are taught that their ‘learning difficulties’ are nothing of which they should be ashamed; and, indeed are better thought of as valuable ‘gifts’.

What is a Davis Program like for the student?

Initially, there in an assessment period, where the facilitator gets to know the client, and is able to decide upon the best course of action.

The facilitator then gently guides the client, on a one-to-one basis, through the processes of Davis Symbol Mastery and Davis Orientation Counselling.

How long has it been around?

The first centre opened in 1982 in the USA. The program became available internationally in the mid 1990s, after the publication of 'The Gift of Dyslexia' in 1994.

How do I know whether I am suitable?

Please contact me.