Alan C

Very knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful.

Lisa did a 5-day programme with me, and, almost straight away, discovered underlying problems. In a very fun way, these issues were addressed, leading me to a greater understanding of myself, and a new outlook on life.

Solutions were found which I have put into practise immediately, and which are making a remarkable difference. I am no longer ashamed of aspects of my personality, and, thanks to Lisa’s calm approach, nothing like so stressed and frustrated with myself.

These methods are quite unlike anything I have seen before, but I can definitely testify that they really work.


When my son was born I was stunned by the things he was achieving.  He was rolling and trying to crawl at 12 weeks. He always had a curious glint in his eye and I could see he was seeing the world in a way that was different to me.  When he started school at 3, the teachers thought he was the brightest child in the class and he was happy and confident.  And then reading and maths started and everything began to change.  The teachers said it would all come, be patient.  Be it wasn’t improving.  Things seemed to be getting worse.  And then we moved area when he was 5.  The teachers at his new school hadn’t seen the happy and confident Jonah.  I could see that his confidence and self-esteem were disappearing.  The more he struggled, the harder everyone was working him and the more muddled he was getting.  The possibility of dyslexia was raised when he failed the year 1 screening assessment.  I came across the Gift of Dyslexia and knew that I was reading about my son.  I contacted Lisa and we have never looked back.  We started with “The Young Learners Program”.  It was llke a light was switched on in Jonah’s eyes.  He was so excited.  Lisa immediately saw how gifted and special Jonah was and never tired of telling us that.  And it was so good to hear.   She has been so involved and supportive at every step of the way.  We constantly update her with our trigger word progress.  Lisa has done a maths program and just started a handwriting program too. It is absolutely phenomenal how is is thriving now in so many areas.  He now sits and reads for 20 minutes a day by himself.  I hear him chuckling and talking out loud about the funny things that are happening and I just can’t believe what has been achieved in 9 months.  Thank you Lisa.  You have changed the course of a very special child’s life.  I will be eternally grateful.