Alan C

Very knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful.

Lisa did a 5-day programme with me, and, almost straight away, discovered underlying problems. In a very fun way, these issues were addressed, leading me to a greater understanding of myself, and a new outlook on life.

Solutions were found which I have put into practise immediately, and which are making a remarkable difference. I am no longer ashamed of aspects of my personality, and, thanks to Lisa’s calm approach, nothing like so stressed and frustrated with myself.

These methods are quite unlike anything I have seen before, but I can definitely testify that they really work.

Jo B

She is a very understanding and warm individual. She can get to the route of a problem and help find solutions. Her experiences of special needs requirements, gives her empathy that surpasses most tutors and teachers. And her humour brings light to the darkest self doubts, making her a joy to open up to and easy to trust. I hope you enjoy working with her.

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